Alternate Transportation

Colorization Systems for priority Bike Lanes and Bus Lanes

Bike and bus lanes are important components of sustainable street design. Using colored pavement for priority bike & bus lanes enhances safety and usability. Colored pavement helps visually elevate the bike lane or bus lane further defining the space and helping differentiate the dedicated area from the vehicular portion of the road. The coloring is a constant and bold visual reminder to motorists that the priority lanes are present.

The highly visible colored pavement encourages bicycling and the use of transit. As it does in Europe where the colored bike lanes and bus lanes are prevalent, it makes the statement that alternative transportation is important.

StreetBondCL™ is a proprietary coating technology designed for bike lane or bus lane colorization. StreetBondCL™ creates safe, low maintenance and user-friendly bike lanes and bus lanes. Our proprietary asphalt coating technology is color-fast, will not peel or delaminate and is skid & slip resistant. StreetBondCL™ can incorporate StreetBondSR™ solar reflective technology for cool pavements as well.

Lessons to be learned from New York City and Europe

Colored bike lanes and bus lanes have been used in Europe for years. Cities from London to Paris and Amsterdam have comprehensive bike sharing and alternative transportation programs. With the introduction of StreetBondCL™ colorization treatments for bus lane and bike lanes, cities in North America are embracing StreetBondCL™ as a practical, long lasting colorization solution for their alternate transportation requirements.

Visit our project gallery to see examples of StreetBondCL™.

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