Pedestrian Spaces

Stamped Asphalt Decorative paving for signature hardscapes

GAF affordable and attractive decorative asphalt systems allow you to create distinctive hardscapes that leave memorable impressions. GAF decorative pavement systems, the strength and durability of an asphalt substrate, combined with incredible design flexibility provide project stakeholders with the ability to create stunning and creative hardscapes that perform.

A wide-range of application

A range of decorative asphalt systems are available that match beautification with performance expectations. They are pedestrian safe, resistant to cracking, peeling and delaminating and are designed to work in a wide range of wear and weather conditions and are pedestrian safe. Carefully developed, tested and field proven, our systems have ideal application from plazas, stamped asphalt courtyards to decorative sidewalks and more, GAF has decorative paving systems that work.

Examples of GAF decorative asphalt projects include signature hardscape design such as New York City'sā€™ Times Square, numerous college and university campuses as well as civic plazas and many other pedestrian spaces around the world. Our patterned paving products and colored asphalt treatments are ideal for zoo and theme park hardscapes as well.

GAF matches innovation in street design with innovation in products. Our specialized patterned paving products, colored asphalt and thermoplastic technologies provide urban redevelopment and neighborhood improvement project stakeholders with solutions that offer visual excellence and high performance in one.

GAF specializes in innovative coating and thermoplastic systems for enhancing asphalt surfaces. Established in 1992 and currently active throughout North America and internationally, GAF is the proven technology leader in its field. Our systems facilitate innovative street and parking lot design and contribute to more livable communities. We not only strive for visual excellence; we design solutions that are durable, practical, safe and sustainable.

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