Ennis-flint – Helping to create the New Urbanism

Urban streets and town centers are no longer the exclusive domain of the automobile. A more balanced approach to street design that considers community, economy and alternative modes of transportation is the future. The 21st century has ushered in the idea of complete streets – streets that embrace pedestrians, bicyclists, transit as well as automobiles. A new sensitivity has emerged to public health, environment and sustainability. Today’s community redevelopment also encourages economic performance through increased property values and business activity.

Ennis-Flint matches innovation in street design with innovation in products. Our range of decorative and colored asphalt systems provide urban redevelopment project stakeholders with solutions that offer visual excellence and high performance in one. Our products enjoy worldwide acceptance and are designed with the core values of durability, practicality, safety and sustainability in mind. Our complete street solutions outperform traditional systems. All Ennis-Flint products are cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance.


A range of decorative asphalt systems are available that match beautification with performance expectations. They are designed to work in a wide range of wear and weather conditions. Carefully developed, tested and field proven, our systems are ideal for crosswalks, traffic calming device treatments, colored bike lanes, civic plazas and more, Ennis-Flint decorative paving systems work.


Ennis-Flint systems make economic sense. Fast and efficient installation means you invest less up front. Plus, our durable and low maintenance stamped asphalt and colored asphalt surfaces translate into savings in the long term.


We enhance traffic calming devices that slow traffic and save lives and create smooth trip-free and skid/slip resistant surfaces that are safe for pedestrians. Our systems conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Ennis-Flint systems meet or exceed all government regulated skid resistance requirements.


Ennis-Flint systems are non-toxic, 100% recyclable and exceed the most stringent government standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Our solar reflective technology works with even darker colors that help reduce urban heat island effect and contribute to more livable communities by making pavement surfaces cooler. Integrated Paving Concepts solar reflective technology also contributes to LEED® credits.

Ennis-Flint specializes in innovative coating and thermoplastic systems for enhancing asphalt surfaces. Established in 1992 and currently active throughout North America and internationally, Ennis-Flint is the proven technology leader in its field. Our systems facilitate innovative street and parking lot design and contribute to more livable communities. We not only strive for visual excellence; we design solutions that are durable, practical, safe and sustainable.

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