Introducing StreetPrintXD - TrafficPatternXD - High Performance Crosswalk Technology

Since 1992 StreetPrint® – Genuine Stamped Asphalt has provided countless durable and attractive decorative asphalt surfaces for project stakeholders around the world.

Now Ennis-Flint is proud to introduce a new member in our StreetPrint® Traffic Series line.

Unprecedented Wear Resistance – Patterned paving that raises the bar on stamped asphalt performance.

What is StreetPrintXD™?

Unlike conventional thermoplastic road markings StreetPrintXD™ incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. When installed using Integrated Paving Concepts patented StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology, StreetPrintXD™ forms a powerful bond with asphalt pavement.


  • Stands up to extreme use and weather.
  • StreetPrintXD™ is stamped asphalt. So it is applied to the greater asphalt pavement and does not disrupt the surface. This eliminates the risk of heaving and settlement and ensures a smooth, pedestrian-friendly surface decorative asphalt.


StreetPrintXD™ makes economic sense.

  • Fast and efficient stamped asphalt installation means you invest less up front with minimal traffic disruption
  • Durability means low maintenance which translates into savings in the long term
  • Repairs can be made with minimal disruption.


StreetPrintXD™ is road-safe.

  • Smooth and trip-hazard free
  • Skid and slip resistant
  • A friendly solution for the physically challenged, StreetPrintXD™ complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Quality Assured Cost-Efficient Installation

  • Stamped asphalt crosswalks take hours, not days, to install – minimal traffic disruptions.
  • Can be installed at night.
  • Integrated Paving Concepts Accredited Applicators ensure your patterned paving is installed on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

From main street crosswalks to entrance ways, parking lots and plazas, we have the right stamped asphalt solution for your project. Our decorative paving technologies are performance-driven and have been proven in a wide range of conditions around the world.